About Keri

Keri is a project of Kianda Foundation. Our goal is to offer an academic, cultural and social environment where female students – residents and non-residents who participate in our programs – can mature in all aspects of their life.


History, Mission & Vision

Keri comprises of a study centre and a residence. The study centre has over 20 years offering formative programs to female students at university and college level. These programs include …


Keri supports the pursuit of academic excellence and all-round development for both residents and non-residents. To achieve this, we offer residents and non-residents alike the environment and support they need to …

Life in the Residence

Keri is situated on Keri Road, Nairobi. It is 2 minutes’ walk from Strathmore University. Fundamental to the purpose of the Residence are the academic, intellectual, cultural, and personal development …

Quick Facts about Keri Residence
Open since
2 Mins
Walk from Strathmore


A Visit to Wings of Compassion

The faces beaming with joy were refreshing (the smiles never get old). How do I begin to explain the energy as they sang choruses and danced? This is a group …